loterias caixa caxias do sul Derren Brown - Como ganhar a loteria?

derren brown lotteryNa quarta -feira à noite Derren Brown previu todos os 6 números de loteria do Reino Unido ao vivo na TV no programa Como ganhar a loteria de Derren Brown.

Ele ficou com todos os 6 corretos.

Ou ele ...

Derren é um artista brilhante e vale a pena ver ao vivo no palco, se você tiver a chance.

Mas lembre -se, ele é um ilusionista e artista.Ele realmente não tem poderes mágicos, assim como David Blaine, Uri Geller ou Paul Daniels.

Todos serão revelados na sexta à noite.

Então, como você acha que ele fez isso?

[P.S.Se você quiser saber mais sobre como Derren faz sua mente louca vodu Confira este vídeo]

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  • Eugene

    A coisa a lembrar primeiro é que Derren Brown não pode escolher números de loteria vencedores.Se pudesse, ele não seria uma personalidade de televisão.Ele moraria no sul da França, possuindo uma infinidade de corporações globais, uma frota de Rolls Royces e com um faturamento pessoal igual à dívida nacional da Bolívia.

  • Paul Nelson

    Eu tenho que rir quando as pessoas postam suas observações cuidadosamente pensadas e o que, sem dúvida, pensam ser a atenção meticulosa aos detalhes, quando na verdade eles não conseguiram identificar que o nome dos caras é Derren, não Darren.

  • Digger

    This Act of Darren Browns, just an Illusion. Every one saw Darren watch the TV screen as the Random Numbers came out. Just as every one else across the land did at the same time. But it Only takes a 10 second delay for the TV picture to get from A-B.

    If one listens to a show on a PC, and has a radio on in the same room broadcasting that same show, you will clearly hear the delay. It’s the same for TV. But was it the real lottery draw or had it already taken place. Darren got the numbers, then the draw was running 10 to 15 seconds late when we all saw this amazing act.

  • Luke

    Digger – There WAS a 1-2 second delay, not sure these people can make it any clearer.

    Nice ideas guys! I’m pretty sure it was a spit screen piece of magic. Wait for the camera to stop moving before the draw, freeze the left side, assistant writes on the balls… unfreeze the left side. Derrens free to walk back to the now unfrozen left side and reveal the balls. He’s an illusionist… I think it’s a great trick… Everyones talking about it, job done 🙂

  • Rory

    Ok, how about this: let’s just for a moment forget this stunt – or any of the other more complex and difficult to explain tricks – and focus on something a little more simple. Like…

    Can one person out of all those who think they know how he does his stuff explain how he knew what time the watch was turned to, and what number was on the dice in the Enigma live show?

    If someone can explain that simple trick then I’ll definitely be ready to listen to explanations of the more complex stuff…

  • Doozy

    Digger there was no 10sec delay! It was a great illusion, and used more sophisticated methods than you are implying.

    And of course Derren Brown can not read minds or predict Lotto numbers, he’s just a master of his art.

  • jo

    Hi Rory,

    I saw Enigma live and, although I’m a little shaky on the dice trick, I think I can explain the watch. We know that Derren has unusual, learned abilities from other programmes he has done and books he has written. His memory skills would be considered phenomenal by most, but can be learnt – I’ve learnt some myself!

    Derren’s skill lies in layering hot and cold reading skills, with sleight of hand, magic tricks, memory techniques, misdirection, mechanics and influencing skills in such a way that an untrained person can’t see the lines between. His tricks themselves are often very simple if you can spot the different techniques.

    We were seated very near the front at Enigma and I could hear the watch turning from my seat. I suspect that he knows how far the hands turn per turn and uses his influencing skills to direct when the person winding the watch should change direction. He then listened to the number of turns in each direction and did the maths, which is pretty easy for him.

    The dice, I’m not sure. But It’s never as complex as you think. Also, when you sit down to watch the theatre shows, do remember that he has the credit card details for at least a quarter of the audience, but probably closer to half. What comes up when you google your name..?

  • Terry Dossantos

    He is very good at what he does. And he can be convincing to most people. It does amaze me how he does it but I always bring myself back down to earth knowing that there is no such think as magic powers!

  • Rainier

    I wish I will win in tonights show draws. Show me my 6 lucky 6/49 numbers, thanks

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