resultado da federal de hoje as 19 horas O caso de fraude na loteria de Iowa e Eddie Tipton

The number of genuine attempts to ‘rig the lottery’ can be counted on the fingers of one hand — and still leave fingers left over for future use.

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O caso de fraude na loteria de Iowa e Eddie Tipton

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  • Thomas

    I played different numbers in every draw by doing a calculation of my own, but I play 3 different lotteries in Canada, 49, 649, Lotterio – $6 dollar every week.

    Do I win something Yes! But not big wins just small wins.

    I don’t believe in buying the same number.

    If I keep doing what I’m doing soon I will hit the jackpot.

  • Merlem

    Eddie just confirmed the lotto is rigged! Live on TV. That’s why sometimes for 30 to 40 consecutive times nobody wins the lotto. It’s rigged and it shows…

    • LG

      Not really Merlem – Eddie just confirmed how difficult it really is to rig the lottery. He held one of the top most trustworthy jobs to even be in a position to attempt it. And he got caught and is going to prison!

      Lotteries are hard to win. Depending on the game 30-40 rollovers is perfectly normal. Choose a better game 🙂

    • LottoAl

      Hi, Merlem
      Can you give a link or where you read this. I heard that Tipton had agreed to tell how he rigged those games. All I can gather is that they made off with millions. It was greed that got them. LOL!!!

  • Seth Tyrssen

    Naw, the guy should’ve been happy with his half a million. What’s wrong with that? I’d be frickin’ delighted, and let it go at that.

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